About the Devon Yawl


The Devon Yawl is a boat that is fun to own and fun to sail. As an all-weather racer, the boat is fast and responsive, satisfying for both the novice and the expert. She can be easily single-handed and yet has room for the family to enjoy.


The weight of the centreplate and ballast contribute to her inherent stability coupled with a hull shape that gives the excellent performance that one would expect from a boat with such a long history of working at sea as well as racing. She is truly a performance daysailer.


The classic clinker hull is constructed from glass fibre, offering all the benefits of modern materials. The keel band running full-length from bow to stern is designed to prevent damage to the keel when beaching. There is positive buoyancy provided by a forward bulkhead sealing the bow area and side tanks, which also form the seats together with a wooden thwart amidships. The combined weight of the 175lb cast iron centreplate plus 144 lbs. of lead ballast makes the Devon Yawl a boat with a ballast ratio more akin to that of a modern cruising yacht. The modern aluminium two-masted bermudan rig with its traditional wooden bowsprit, carries a large sail area that ensures both an exhilarating performance and precision handling in most weather conditions.

Adaptable usage

There is ample room in the deep cockpit for dry storage space and afford comfortable and relaxed sailing when picnicking is the goal.

In short the Devon Yawl offers

• An exhilarating all-weather racer but which can be tamed for all the family to enjoy

• The characteristics of a large boat with all the economies of a small boat

• Satisfaction owning a boat with a long pedigree

• An active and friendly Class Association

Buying a Devon Yawl

New boats are available from the UK and USA builders in a number of options, from kits to any stage of completion. There is enough scope in the One-design Class Rules to allow a certain amount of changes to suit the boat to individual requirements. There is a strong second-hand market so boats tend to hold their value quite well.

The Devon Yawl is a boat that has evolved over time from the inshore fishing boats of the south Devon coast and one of England’s oldest racing classes – the Salcombe Yawl, and she is still evolving. We look forward to the next 40 years. See you on the water!

Technical Information

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